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Material Witness and Max

One of my favorite characters from my Shipshewana Amish Mystery series is MAX. When Callie first shows up in Shipshe (Falling to Pieces), she finds she has inherited a quilt shop and a dog.

Max goes a long way toward helping Callie find her way. He provides her stability, unconditional love, and he protects her. He’s everything that we want our pets to be.

In Material Witness, Max is once again a main character. From page one when Aaron witnesses a murder to the dramatic conclusion, I included Max. He’s often at Callie’s side, but he also befriends Aaron. The boy learns to depend on him in the same way that Callie has.

This Wednesday I’ll have a very special give a way that has something to do with Max. (No, I’m not giving away a real dog.)

So what about it? What does your pet mean to you? And if you don’t have one right now, tell me about one you had in the past.



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Character Round-up

Shipshewana Character Round-Up

In case you’ve missed any, I thought we’d do a Shipshewana Character Round-up! So here they are, in no particular order. : )








The group is all here. Of course it takes an entire TOWN to make a story, and we don’t have the space here to highlight everyone. I do hope you’ve enjoyed these. For those of you who have asked–YES, there is a book 3 which will release on September 4th. Material Witness will bring back all of these characters and more.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.






Amish Character Spotlight–Trent McCallister

This has been fun. I’m a little sad to see it end, but our last character is Trent. The last and maybe least likely of Callie’s love interests. : ) Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square is about friendships and how folks in a community come together. Trent is certainly part of that community and he does become Callie’s friend. Will he become more?

Name: Trent

Age: Old enough to know better

Physical description: blondish long hair, skinny, geeky, hazel eyes

Personality traits: Trent’s personality is slippery. He DOES care about Callie, but he also wants that front page story. It’s a problem, right?

Background: He moves to Shipshe when the newspaper editor in book one is killed. Maybe Shipshe is a stepping stone to a better assignment, or maybe he’s going to settle down.

Shipshewana Connection: Trent provides some youth and energy to this small town. Folks can’t help but like him. Maybe it’s that charming smile he has, or maybe it’s his work ethic!

Media Connection: Trent is another character that I could SEE from day one. I was a LOST fan for years, and yeah–I always liked/hated Sawyer. I never could figure him out, and I feel the same way about Trent. Makes for a lot of fun.

Have a blessed weekend.


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Adalyn Landt

Amish Character Spotlight–Adalyn Landt

You’ve requested that I keep going with characters from my Amish mystery series. So we’ll keep going! Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square couldn’t happen without a good lawyer–and that would be Adalyn. I had a reader write me and say “Wonderful! I guess you love Harry’s Law.” I’d never seen the television show before, but I watch it now … and I can see why I received that letter. : ) 

Name: Adalyn

Age: nearing 50

Physical description: 5’7″, on the heavy side, gray hair pulled back

Personality traits: she likes a battle–especially a legal one. She’s fond of Louis Vuitton, that’s a detail you’ll understand better after you read A Perfect Square. She also likes pie!

Background: Adalyn has been an “advocate” for the Amish for several years. They often won’t stand up for themselves in court, so she stands up for them.

Shipshewana Connection: Well respected by Amish and Englisch alike–though Shane isn’t sure how he feels about her.

Media Connection: Kathy Bates from Harry’s Law DOES fit Adalyn in many way–she’s dedicated to the people she represents.

These stories NEED someone like Adalyn. When I started writing, I didn’t have her in mind, but the storyline required her, and she appeared. I think God provides people in our lives like Harry, people who will stand up for us, people who can help us navigate through difficult waters. I hope you enjoy reading her part in these books.

Have a blessed weekend.


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Amish Character Spotlight–Max

Speaking of characters in A Perfect Square, we have to talk about Max! When Callie first arrived in Shipshe, she inherited a quilt shop from her Aunt Daisy. She also inherited Max!

Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square follow the growth of Callie. She changes because of the friendships in her life, but that all seems to begin with Max. She certainly didn’t want a dog, and she wasn’t the ideal pet owner! But maybe she needed a dog. Maybe she needed that lump of warmth at a time when she didn’t know how to reach out to people.

Name: Max

Age: unknown

Breed: labrador

Physical description: 65 pounds, male, golden

Personality traits: extremely loyal. Patient. Still has a puppy attitude, especially toward squirrels. Protective toward Callie. 

Background: Belonged to Daisy, Callie’s aunt.  

Shipshewana Connection: Folks in Shipshe make allowances for Max–he’s often allowed into stores, etc. and he’s sometimes featured on the front page of the paper.

Media Connection: I’ve found a few pictures of yellow labs. None of them quite match up to the Max in my mind, the dog I write about. I do have something I’m going to give away in a few weeks that I think you all might enjoy. : )

I’ve wanted a dog for years. Right now we only have GRAND-dogs, and we have cats (and deer). I think pets are important in our lives, an important gift from God to comfort the places in our hearts that need a little extra care. How do you feel about pets? And do you have any opinion about Max?

Have a blessed weekend.


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Shane Black

Amish Character Spotlight–Shane Black

Before we were interrupted with Book Launch Week, we were discussing the characters in A Perfect Square, specifically the men. Recently someone included in their Amazon review that 3 love interests in Callie’s life is too many. Ha ha ha.

Is she in love with Andrew or Shane or Trent? I’m not going to ruin the mystery from my books, Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square, and tell you that, but I will introduce you to Shane Black. I once had a reader tell me she wanted to meet him and punch him in the nose. : )

Name: Shane Black

Age: 34 when book 1 opens

Relationship status: single!

Physical description: tall and lanky at 5’11”, dark, piercing black eyes

Personality traits: he has a wolfish way, patiently waiting for his prey 

Background: You will learn a LOT of Black’s background in book 3-Material Witness. For now, you know that he’s a detective for LaGrange County, who sometimes works in Shipshe. He grew up there and he played baseball. 

Shipshewana Connection: He worked Esther’s case, when her husband was accidentally killed.

Media Connection: Shane Black has always been Carlos Bernard for me. I’m a big fan of the television show 24 (can’t wait for the movie), and this actor was wonderful in it. He had a certain intensity about him, and so does Shane! Like him or hate him, you know he’s going to do his job–and do it well. But is he the man for Callie? Hmmm … I’d love to hear your opinion.

As you’re reading about Shane in my books, remember–sometimes you don’t know everything about a person. And sometimes God has put that person in your life for a reason.

Have a blessed weekend.


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Andrew Gavin

Amish Character Spotlight–Andrew Gavin

Time to bring the guys out. Everyone wants to know. WHO is Callie going to end up dating? Will she marry again? I’m not going to ruin the mystery from my books, Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square, and tell you that, but I will introduce you to Andrew Gavin. From your emails and posts, he’s one of the most likable characters in my series.

Name: Andrew Gavin

Age: 31 when book 1 opens

Relationship status: single!

Physical description: 6′, blue eyes, brown hair in a military cut, lean-muscular build

Personality traits: he’s a protector

Background: Gavin spent 4 years overseas serving in the military. Sometimes he forgets that he’s not still there. He goes by the book, but his protective nature and his quiet demeanor have earned him a place in the hearts of the Amish folk in Shipshe.

Shipshewana Connection: Shipshe’s police force is small–about 6 officers! I have had the pleasure of meeting one, and he was as polite as can be.

Media Connection: From the very first page of book one, I knew who Gavin was. I had Matt Damon in my mind even before Callie crept down that alley to confront Stakehorn at the newspaper. I knew he’d be quiet, he’d be a rule-follower, and he’d eventually become one of her closest friends. Will he become more? You’re going to have to keep reading to find out!

That’s Gavin. I hope he fits the image you’ve had in your mind. We all have protectors in our life–physical, emotional and even spiritual protectors. God meets all of those needs, and sometimes he also does so through people we learn to care about.

Have a blessed weekend.


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